Below is a sample list of existing New Zealand Foreign Trusts For Sale

Name Date Formed Type Brokerage Acct* Price (€)**
Albrecht Trust 01/13/2010 NZFT Yes €6000
Management Invested Trust 03/01/2012 NZFT Yes €4000
Smyth Hi Tech Investment Trust 06/15/2012 NZFT Yes €4000
Robotic Inventions Trust 09/01/2012 NZFT Yes €4000
Lotto Design and Implementation Trust 12/15/1012 NZFT Yes €4000
HiCraft Software Company 01/01/2013 NZFT Yes €3500
IT Inventions Trust 03/01/2013 NZFT Yes €3500
Mamouth Qualifed Trust 06/01/2013 NZFT Yes €3500
Fellows Investment Trust 06/15/2013 NZFT Yes €3500
AXiom Trading Trust 07/01/2013 NZFT Yes €3500
Pan Continental Trading Trust 07/15/2013 NZFT + Foreign Corp Yes + Trustee €5000

*Assumption of Banking or Brokerage Accounts are subject to AML/KYC due diligence.

**Prices are for existing NZFT with existing bank/brokerage acct. Prices may be reduced by €500 if no banking or brokerage account is needed.

All NZFT are set up with Foreign Settlor, Foreign Trustee, and Foreign Beneficiaries for complete privacy.

No filings are required to be made and none have been made. A New Zealand Corporate Trustee, or a Foreign Corporate Trustee can optionally be set up upon take over.

All Prices above include first year residency fees. For optional services see Prices page.

The above list is a sample of trusts that are available. More are available and a full list is available upon request and deposit.

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