Under New Zealand law, an independent New Zealand Agency Company can be formed to act for one or more principal businesses based in an offshore tax free jurisdiction that does not enjoy a favorable reputation. This jurisdiction could be for example BVI, Cayman Islands etc. New Zealand Agency Company

As a result of the “black-listing” of most if not all of these jurisdictions in many EU and other countries, their attractiveness as jurisdictions standing alone has waned considerably. The New Zealand Agency Company provides an alternate way to save your defaced jurisdiction and a way to present a “clean” face to represent principals.

There is a written agreement r contract between the agency and a principal business out of the unfavorable jurisdiction which should state that the New Zealand Company is acting as the nominee for the principal company and could for example provide for commissions of say 2%-10% on the total invoices processed or profits generated and the remaining 90-98% is then transferred to the account of the principal company free of any further taxation. All contracts of purchase and sale, all the invoicing and all the general correspondence will be made in the name of the New Zealand company and the New Zealand company receives all the revenues from such business as nominee for the offshore principal.

In New Zealand the New Zealand Agency Company only pays taxes on the agency fee and is allowed to pass through the remainder to the principal.

Cost for setting up your New Zealand Agency Company

Formation and registered office $1000.00
Registered office Annual – $600.00
Assistance in Setting up bank accounts – $600.00

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